Christmas Know its importance and why invest

Were you startled when you started seeing panettone scattered around the supermarket in mid-October? Christmas, in addition to being one of the favorite times of many people, is also eagerly awaited by brands, since the demand for gifts boosts sales of various products. As we have noticed since 2020, e-commerce has become a trend and consumer option . Therefore, investing in digital marketing for Christmas is a good choice to enhance your company and make it stand out from the competition, in addition to being an excellent opportunity to attract new customers.

How to define a right strategy

Customize products and services A personalized product, in the “limited Christmas edition” style, will attract the consumer’s attention, as the feeling of exclusivity generates attraction and agility to make the purchase. Gift kits are also a good bet for Hotmail Email List  increasing sales. 2 – Actions on social networks One of the main digital marketing strategies for Christmas is to think about actions for social networks. Define your target audience, study the potential of each network and choose the most appropriate one to meet the objective. Create tactical content, drive traffic, and engage with your audience.

Christmas identity Prepare a visual

Identity just for Christmas, this will have an impact on the consumer, as it will make them aware of the coming season. Consider changing profile pictures on networks and putting up some images alluding to the date. Without much effort you will get into the Christmas spirit. 4 – Invest in landing pages The landing page is a page aimed at capturing and In SMS  converting contacts. Usually with few elements, but eye-catching, it is possible to insert an explanatory text, image or video that catches the consumer ‘s attention . Also insert a form to fill out in exchange for an offer, such as a discount code on purchases, for example. 5 – Email marketing campaign for Christmas Now that you’ve managed to attract and arouse the public’s interest, the next step in digital marketing for Christmas is: keep in touch with them.

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