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Enough of these digressions. Instagram, unlike Facebook and Twitter, continues to thrive on audience engagement. Coming back to the topic, you should find the accounts of top competitors with over 50,000 followers who engage in posts. Once you find at least 10 such accounts, write them down in a spreadsheet and start following their followers. As I mentioned before – never more than 50 users per hour, according to Instagram regulations. Be active and involve others I don’t need to add too much because the title speaks for itself: be active and involve others. content, you need to involve others in it. This is a great way to users become your followers and engage with your content. Spend about 5 minutes a day on interactions.

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Leaving comments, replying to every comment left under your content, liking photos and videos, etc. This will not only increase engagement Latest Mailing DatabaseInstagram, but will also bring you many fans. So if you find users who match your audience, start interacting with them by leaving likes and comments under their content. This will get you noticed, and maybe some really interested and engaged user will return the favor. Conclusions In summary, robust Instagram growth tactics require: A solid schedule of daily content: 1-2 photos per day, 1 live broadcast and at least 5 Instagram stories.

Latest Mailing Database

Relevant hashtags and post

The better Use the right hashtags – find up to 30 them in comments instead of in post descriptions. Follow target users – find top competitors and follow their followers (up to 50 per hour). Engagement – Be engaged with other users’ posts and be In SMS active on your account. What other Instagram account growth tactics work for you? About the author: Highly regarded in the world of speakers, Lilach Bullock has been honored by Forbes and the UK Prime Minister’s Office.

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