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Monitor your brand! Create a free project in Brand24 and control opinions about yourself! Check for free Social listening should be an integral part of your business toolkit. That’s a bold statement, so let’s take a closer look at the reasons behind it: Why is brand monitoring important? Monitoring online mentions is an essential part of the work of marketers or business owners. Brand monitoring will help you measure many different KPIs in the field of public relations, marketing and sales. The results can provide many valuable conclusions. Brand and social media monitoring will help you in: increasing sales by promoting business thanks to cooperation with various influencers, measuring the results of marketing and PR campaigns, competition monitoring to know what is happening in your industry improving customer experience by detecting and reacting to negative comments.

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Analysis of sentiment around products, campaigns or services, get to know your audience better thanks to knowing what they say about your brand on database the Internet, discovering consumer insights, recognizing the latest trends in the industry. Of course, you can manually search for all mentions of a brand online. Imagine how long it might take to search for your business name across blogs, forums, social media, and all the other places on the web where you are mentioned. consuming. There are new channels coming out every day.


Actions to prevent the escalation

Which makes it hard to keep up with them. It’s also easy to miss a key mention. A fragment of negative content may go unnoticed and undermine the In SMS years , leading to a crisis. Then there is nothing left but crisis PR and of the problem. That is why it is worth monitoring the brand on an ongoing basis to avoid crisis situations! In addition, advanced brand monitoring tools do much more than just collect mentions in one place – they provide a solid analysis of the collected results.

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