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All your communications team needs to do is add content. EN – Webinar : Intranet SCM Step 2: Customize your SharePoint site a) Natively customize a SharePoint site When customizing the SharePoint space, you can define a coherent descriptive charter that reflects your company’s image. Native SharePoint allows you to customize various elements: The menu The logo The color of the subject area The control Adding Pages Adding web parts All of these options are accessible from the Change Appearance menu.

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Below is a standard communication page (using custom coloring) and a branded communication page (using default features). Several phone number list actions are required to customize an intranet in SharePoint. Further settings are possible by using developer tools such as SharePoint Framework (SpFX). These actions must be performed for each site collection (that is not connected to a SharePoint hub site). b) Customize a SharePoint site using a third-party intranet solution If a unique look and feel and an intranet that reflects your branding are important to you.

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SharePoint alone may not be enough. SharePoint intranet-in-a-box solutions like Powell Intranet allow for greater customization. To In SMS control branding, Powell Intranet offers additional customization options, including the following.  Font management Advanced color management (possibility to enter your company’s color code. Themes (design of the page vs. pure color adjustment.  Header footer Global user interface from SharePoint. Management of your corporate theme can also be customiz from Powell Manager to centrally control SharePoint site branding.

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