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No one wants to read paragraphs after paragraphs of what could have been easily summariz in a few sentenc. Ensure that you avoid repeating the same word. Point or sentence. Do not use too many filler words such as “you know” or “for example” or “i mean”. Concrete: there are tim when you will have to back up your msage for it to be concrete.

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In cas such as prenting your findings to your United Arab Emirates Mobile Number List supervisors or profsors. Use facts and figur to support your case. Correct: when it com to written communication. You ne to mind your tone. Grammar and spelling. Plus. Ensure that the data and dat you add are correct and in the busins world. Never use shortcuts such as “will b der soon. 

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Remember to proofread before Iran Phone Number List hitting the ‘send’ button. Coherent: the points mention in the msage should always be consistent and logical in accordance with the subject matter. Even the tone you use should remain the same. Complete: effective communication occurs when the msage is complete. For example.

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