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If you say “where is the report. I ne it asap.”. The receiver could be wondering which report you are talking about hontly. If you say “where is the monthly budget report i ask for last friday. Please submit it before : pm tomorrow.” he will know exactly what you are talking about and get the job done faster. Courteous: you ne to set the right tone depending on who you are conversing with.

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If you communicate with your boss or Gansu Mobile Number List colleague. Ensure that your msage com across as sincere and thoughtful. And never use slang or vulgar language. The tone you use will determine the flow of the conversation. Now that we have familiaris ourselv with the cs of communication and how to avoid communication barriers.

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Let’s look at how they can help us in our profsional Hong Kong Phone Number List and personal liv. How can the cs of communication help an individual. Due to communication barriers and misinterpretations. Misunderstandings happen between famili. Friends. Colleagu. And lovers. Adding “n’t” in what is suppos to be “do” mak it “don’t”. Which can change the msage’s entire meaning. 

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