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Switching from SharePoint On-Premise to Online is not mandatory, but recommended! Extended support for SharePoint 2013 will end in April 2023 and this version will be phased out . If you’re currently using SharePoint 2013, this approaching end-of-life could give you the impetus you need to finally move to the cloud. What is the difference between SharePoint On-Premise and SharePoint Online? Not sure if your current intranet is on-premise or online.

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For SharePoint On-Premise, a company must have local hardware to access the program. SharePoint Online, on the other hand, is accessible database via the cloud. In this article, we want to dig deeper into why it’s time to say goodbye to your SharePoint on-premises. Migration to SharePoint Online If you have an intranet in SharePoint On-Premise and decide to migrate to SharePoint Online, there are a few important things to consider: The transition is a technical project that you must complete with your technology partner or IT team using a SharePoint migration tool.


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Your SharePoint migration project is independent of your intranet project. During the transition, you will likely want to update your In SMS intranet and take advantage of all SharePoint offerings. Most likely, as you transition from on-prem to online, you’re wondering if you need to transition your intranet from the classic SharePoint to the modern SharePoint user interface. When moving from classic to modern SharePoint, why should you switch? There is much to suggest that switching to the modern SharePoint user interface is a good idea for your migration project.

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