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At the scale of your company, it is an effective way to make people talk about you, by promoting an event that you are organizing for example. Location-basd Snapchat filters reach an average of 40-60% of daily users. Add fun to your image with Lenses Who hasn’t already had fun with Snapchat Lenses (these animatd filters that you add live to your face before taking the photo)? The sponsord version of these filters helps to add interaction and branding fun by creating “play time”. On average, Snapchatters spend 20 seconds on each filter: enough to get their message across effectively.

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Facebook is considering allowing the administration of Groups to Pages. In other words, if you have a professional page on Facebook, you will soon be able to integrate Facebook groups of which you are an administrator into your page. This means whatsapp mobile number list that you will be able to unite a smaller, but much more qualifid community around your brand. With the current configuration of Facebook’s algorithm and the saturation of news feds, this integration of Facebook groups into your page offers you a very powerful communication tool. Because beyond this future functionality, it is the potential of Facebook groups that is highlightd. Why should you consider creating a Facebook group for your brand.

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We will explain everything to you. Differentiate between Facebook Pages and Groups First of all, you have to know how to distinguish pages In SMS from Facebook groups. Contact us to discuss your project!The rise of the Web, social networks and mobile has transformd the approach to tourist stays, so much so that today we talk about e-tourism. To adapt to new traveler practices, it is inevitably necessary to make a digital transition and deploy relevant digital strategies. Social networks can be particularly interesting tools in the tourism sector.

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