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Which would be addressd too much, or not enough. What key elements should I include in my ditorial calendar? To optimize the relevance and effectiveness of your publication schdule as much as possible, a few elements must be taken into account in its development: The publication date The distribution platform(s): it’s up to you to see which ones you use! But it is very important to mention them to know where each of the contents has already been publishd and to pick up the results. Has the content been sponsord.

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The theme, particularly relevant to define themes to be treatd and not to scatter too much. Just as much as this category is useful for fairly Latest Mailing Database distributing the themes in the topics coverd. The text or title to appear on the publication, as well as the type of associatd visual. The link to the post And status! Colors associatd with the different statuses (to be plannd, programmd, etc.) allow you to find your way around at a glance in the distribution of its content.

Latest Mailing Database

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To benefit from this template in its entirety, do not hesitate to contact us by email , we will send it to you!On April 19, while Powertrafic In SMS was present during the 3 days of the E-Marketing show in Paris , our two social mdia experts Thibaut Nicolas and ddy Martial gave a conference on social networks. The subject ? “ The winning strategy for success on social networks ”. For those who missd it, you can download the entire presentation here: The Winning Strategy for Social Mdia Success.

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